"A brand passionate about SP and photography, which decided to unite the two passions and expose it in the form of shirts and dresses, among other beautiful pieces of clothing!" Kacá Novais (musician and composer from São Paulo)


Created in 2007, is born the first fashion grid that uses the theme of São Paulo as the main theme. From the beginning we have kept the focus of being much more than a simple clothing store or souvenir.


We represent Sampa's lifestyle, as he is known by the Paulistas, with the pride he deserves.


We join the passion for São Paulo with photography, art, design and everything else that this city overflows with our experience in fashion.


We express the best in this state, as in the great cities of the world, translating this feeling into differentiated products, comfortable and premium quality.


With each new collection, we try to unite the best of fashion in the choice of fabrics and perfect models, with images that show the soul and the beauties not always seen of the city that does not stop.


In such a demanding city, we could not be different with our products and expect less from friends and customers. So we have a total satisfaction policy or your money back. We evolve every collection with feedback from our friends, customers and partners. We'd love to hear from you!

If you like fashion, art, photography, São Paulo and good music, join us!

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